Talent Training Service Platform


Relying on the Shandong Hannover Industry Technology Academy and Deutsche Messe Group, introduce high-end European curriculum resources and expert teams, establish an application-oriented training center to train intelligent manufacturing teachers and professional skills.

• Based on intelligent manufacturing technology, introduce European advanced intelligent manufacturing technology, innovate courses, train specialized and practical talents, and serve the society;

• Provide an innovation center talent training base, through the talent training platform and collaborative innovation of production, education and research, to build this region into China's leading intelligent manufacturing application talent center;

• Make full use of government policies, European resources, university resources, corporate needs, industrial capital, and foreign experts and scholars, and combine practical project practice to train professionals who can be employed on campus.

Taking smart manufacturing engineering as the background, puting students as the center, relying on the digital manufacturing engineering center, jointly introducing expert teams, scientific research achievements, curriculum systems, teaching cases from famous European schools, and carrying out diversified and open engineering practices in a practical project-driven model Innovative training to train excellent engineers and high-end application science and technology talents for the intelligent manufacturing industry.

(Figure 1) One-stop international talent training service

International cooperation: European engineering leading majors + expert team + scientific research project + academic exchange + internship / study

• International curriculum system + project case + engineer certification (intelligent manufacturing, robot, etc.)

• Construction of new engineering major for intelligent manufacturing + International Forum (Academic Exchange)

• 1000+ enterprise resource database: internships in foreign companies, universities, scientific research institutions + study tours

• Teaching of global experts and engineers + field internship

Talent Training Service Platform

(Figure 2) Strategic Partners: German TU8 universities alliance + ETH


 (Figure 3) Strategic Partners: 6000+ global enterprises

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