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Deutsche Messe Group, founded in 1947, has the world's largest exhibition venue and first-class infrastructure.

Hannover Fair is the most comprehensive and influential international industrial fair in the world, and it has a huge appeal to international industry visitors and exhibitors. The Hannover Fair is a platform for displaying advanced application technologies and releasing the latest cutting-edge technologies and R&D achievements. It reflects the latest trends in the high-end equipment industry and leads the development trend of the international market.

The Hannover Fair is an important international activity that connects the global technical and commercial fields .  It leads the innovation and development of world industry. It is a veritable barometer of  world industrial development and a vane of global industrial technology development.

With rich experience in organizing exhibitions and constant  innovation in exhibition concepts, Hannover  Messe Germany holds more than 50 professional exhibitions each year, attracting more than 1.7  million spectators and 16,000 journalists from more than 100 countries and regions.  The total number of exhibiting companies reaches 21,000 each year. 



About us

(Figure 1) Venue of Hannover Industry Fair, Germany


Shandong Hanover Industry  Technology Academy – Asia Pacific Operating Center of Deutsche Messe Group. Established in December 2019, as an open public joint-construction and sharing platform of high-end equipment manufacturing industry technology powered by Jinan Municipal People ’s Government , Deutsche Messe Group ( Technology Academy ), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich,  German TU9 alliance member universities,  Swiss GEMSU Co., Ltd.,  European manufacturing unicorn companies and Shandong industry leading enterprises, aiming to actively promote the development of Shandong high-end equipment industry and talents training.

The Academy will actively build a new type of achievement transfer and transformation institution that is guided by market demand, flexible and efficient operating mechanism, robust R&D transformation system, and connecting with the world-class new-type achievement transfer and transformation institutions; create a core engine for innovation-driven development and a model for institutional innovation, and introduce advanced equipment and science & technology resources globally to build a high-end industrial sharing platform;  build a "attracting investment and talents" platform for local governments; build an "education and training" and "industry-education integration" platform for colleges and universities; Build platforms for enterprises to "share resources such as products, technologies, talents, and markets", "transfer and commercialization of mature scientific and technological research from Europe", "transformation of new and old growth drivers, technological transformation and upgrade"

As an exclusive brand authorization unit of Deutsche Messe, the Academy will build the overall technology support platform: Hannover Messe on-line platform, high-end equipment manufacturing industrial Internet platform,   100 million yuan international high-end equipment exhibition center, and 20,000 square meters industrial demo base.


About us

 (Figure 2) SHANTAC – Smart Industrial Park


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Shandong Hannover Industry Technology Academy

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