Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center


Digital manufacturing technology and project research and development center-Relying on Shandong Hannover Technology and Deutsche Messe Group Technology Academy, with intelligent manufacturing and robot application technology, in cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and enterprises, jointly established workstations, laboratories, R&D centers, application transformation Platform, injecting powerful technology research and development and application transformation capabilities.

• Industry / Technology: Industrial Automation, Robotics, Industry 4.0, Digitalization

• Digital twins and reality: virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality in industrial processes

• Internet of Things: sensors, control, edge computing

• Industrial Internet: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet

• Additive manufacturing in industrial production

Build a European intelligent manufacturing application technology incubation center, introduce expert teams, scientific research achievements, curriculum systems, and teaching cases from famous European schools, relying on actual projects to provide strong talents and technical support for the intelligent manufacturing industry With the help of the intelligent manufacturing industry fund and Chinese market demand, we will accelerate the transformation of incubation research technology achievements and promote the rapid development of innovation incubation projects.


 Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center

 Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center

(Figure) Research Center of Deutsche Messe Technology Academy

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