Innovation & Incubation Center


Teaching and university entrepreneurship incubation base:

 • Curriculum from basic to engineering design, manufacturing, practice, independent proposition, design, to meet the teaching needs of future college students

 • Smart Robot Café, added a robot technology exchange and robot technology joint research and cooperation team gathering platform in the smart space.

Scientific research and achievement transformation platform:

 • Intelligent manufacturing and robot design

 • Intelligent manufacturing and robot development products

 • Cooperation with universities, research institutes and enterprises

 • 10+ products and solutions

National industry standards and patents:

 • Provide testing standards and manufacturing processes for the industry, increase the added value of technology in traditional industries, equipment sharing and technical research.

 • 10+ core patents.

Robot intelligent production line:

 • Build an industry 4.0 engineering line to meet the industrial needs of production on the market


 Innovation & Incubation Center

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