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At present, the digital wave driven by the new generation of information technology is profoundly reshaping all areas of the economy and society. Mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies are deeply integrated with various industries, driving the profound changes in production methods and products forms, business model, industrial organization and international structure, which have accelerated the birth and development of industry 4.0 revolution. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Industrial Internet is the key path to realize this digital transformation, and lays the foundation for the development of the fourth industrial revolution.

The core functional principle of the Industrial Internet is based on the comprehensive interconnection and deep collaboration of data-driven physical systems and digital spaces, as well as intelligent analysis and decision optimization in this process.

Through the construction of three major functional systems: network, platform, and security, the Industrial Internet has fully connected equipment assets, production systems, management systems, and supply chains. Based on data integration and analysis, it has achieved the convergence of IT and OT and the integration of the three systems.

The Industrial Internet takes data as the core. The data function system mainly includes three basic levels of perception control, digital model, and decision optimization, as well as an industrial digital application optimization consisting of bottom-up information flow and top-down decision flow closed loop.

(Figure 1) Industrial Internet technology architecture system


(Figure 2) The main functional design framework of the intelligent manufacturing industry Internet

As a new cornerstone of intelligent manufacturing system, the industrial Internet system include general control system, production management system, mobile Internet system, Internet of Things system, WMS warehouse management system, and digital twin system etc. It can realize the functions of mobile phone order placing, manufacturing execution system (MES) order allocation, on-demand processing, intelligent production, intelligent warehouse delivery, etc., which can enable customers to truly experience advanced intelligent processing technology.

Key technologies: automation technology (3D printing, CNC machining, industrial robots, etc.), intelligent control technology, collaborative robot system technology, software technology (MES, virtual simulation, etc.), 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing , edge computing, Internet of Things and other technical fields.


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