Enterprise Service Platform


Taking the digital engineering center as a carrier, relying on the Shandong Hanover Research Institute and the German Convention and Exhibition Intelligent Technology Research Institute, around intelligent manufacturing and robot application technology, in cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and enterprises, jointly established a workstation, laboratory, R & D center, application conversion platform , Integrate high-quality enterprises and educational resources, inject strong technological R & D and application transformation capabilities, and create a platform for integrating industry and education talents and teachers.

Provide one-stop smart manufacturing solutions for enterprises and universities, including consulting, design, manufacturing, assembly, operation and maintenance, services, etc., relying on local policies, Deutsche Messe global resources, gathering upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, creating artificial intelligence , Robot and intelligent manufacturing industry center of production, learning, research, capital, use and service.

Cooperation mode and content:

• Talent training: integration of industry and education; courses + practical project cases + enterprise internships + enterprise customized talents;

• Teacher training: European and domestic intelligent manufacturing companies for further training and academic exchanges;

• Academic exchange: Regularly hold academic forums or summits;

• Industry 4.0 R & D Center: R&D team and technology within the United Nations and Europe; scientific research and development, achievement transformation;

• Enterprise project cooperation: use engineering center scientific research and human resources to promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise's intelligent manufacturing industry;

• Exhibition: Industry 4.0 Demonstration Center visited the education and learning base;

• Product evaluation: prototype product test evaluation, enterprise and university scientific research products and achievement evaluation;

• Innovation and entrepreneurship: establish an incubator accelerator, provide entrepreneurial guidance, markets, capital services and office parks to accelerate product marketization.

(Figure 1) School-Enterprise Cooperation Service


Enterprise Service Platform


Enterprise Service Platform

(Figure 2) Smart Industrial Park

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