Intelligent Robot Lab


Intelligent Robot Lab

Intelligent Robot Lab

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Positioning: Relying on the Zhangqiu Municipal People's Government, Shandong Hannover Technology Academy, and the Master of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Robotics Institute, Jinan No. 1 Machine Tool, Swiss GEMSU Company and European University Alliance to set up a robot laboratory, taking incubating intelligent robots as a key component Manufacturing process exploration, high-speed algorithm research, machine system performance test platform construction, editable control system construction and commercialization that meet customer needs:

• Resource integration and gathering more scientific team

• Construction of commercial demonstration laboratory

• Systematic production plan design of mature products and R & D of test platform for in-depth scientific research

• Efficient and intelligent design platform design integrating multiple functional commercial design software (Adams, Matlab, 3D, FEA, etc.)

The laboratory has independently designed and developed more than 10 products and solutions; dozens of core patents.

Research background:

• Shanghai Jiaotong University Robotics Institute

• German Hannover Institute of Technology and European University Cooperation Alliance

• Neuroinformatics (Zurich University and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Eurich)

• Bio-inspired robot (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Eurich)

• Intelligent manufacturing enterprise partner


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