Deutsche Messe Technology Academy

Deutsche Messe Technology Academy Deutsche Messe Technology Academy


Deutsche Messe Technology Academy (DMTA) with the joint support of the German Ministry of Economy and Energy and the Lower Saxony State Government, focuses on the research and development and promotion of high-end industrial general technologies in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and digital economy. DMTA organizes more than 300 professional academic conferences, technical seminars and industry alliance activities every year to help customers develop new markets and expand new businesses, provide high-end talent training, and promote German dual system education according to the actual needs of customers.

The Deutsche Messe Group, Volkswagen Group and Fraunhofer Association jointly operate the Technology Academy.

The Deutsche Messe Group and Volkswagen Group are responsible for the training and promotion of industrial automation, robot engineering and Industry 4.0.

The Fraunhofer Association is responsible for the theoretical research of industrial automation, robotics and Industry 4.0

The Deutsche Messe Group Technology Academy focuses on high-end technology research and development and promotion


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