Intelligent Manufacturing

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The intelligent manufacturing system is based on an intelligent manufacturing demo production line, and the overall layout with the intelligent digital factory model, which can complete the entire manufacturing process of customized products, including intelligent processing, intelligent assembly, intelligent laser welding, intelligent laser cutting, intelligent polishing and grinding , intelligent detection, intelligent laser marking, intelligent warehousing and other links, fully replicate the smart factory ecological environment.

Physical space: 1000-3000 square meters (according to customer requirements), can be customized according to customer needs and space

Based on the latest cutting-edge technology and development trends of high-end intelligent manufacturing applications, it provides intelligent manufacturing plant applications and overall solutions.

 • Cooperation between traditional industrial robots and human-robot collaborative robots

 • Industrial Internet of Things and big data applications

 • Manufacturing cloud based on cloud platform

 • Artificial intelligence + intelligent manufacturing

Design Goal: Guided by the ideas of automation, digitization, networking, informatization, and intelligentization, and adopt the typical model of discrete manufacturing --- "smart manufacturing" unit, combining industrial robots, laser technology, MES system, intelligent sensing and control system, IT and other key technical equipment, software system design; involves knowledge and skills in the fields of intelligent control technology, industrial robot technology, mechatronics technology, industrial engineering technology, software technology, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technology.

Functional modules: The intelligent manufacturing system includes five workstations (3D printing, CNC machining center, intelligent processing and assembly, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, mobile robot AGV workstation), industrial Internet system (master control system, manufacturing execution system (MES), mobile phone Order system, Internet of Things system, WMS warehouse management system), digital twin system. It can realize the functions of mobile phone order placing, manufacturing execution system (MES) order allocation, on-demand processing, intelligent production, intelligent warehouse delivery, etc., which can enable customers to truly experience advanced intelligent processing technology.

Key technologies: automation technology (3D printing, CNC machining, industrial robots, etc.), intelligent control technology, collaborative robot system technology, software technology (MES, virtual simulation, etc.), artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other fields.


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