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LBR iiwa

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LBR iiwa

LBR iiwa is a mass-produced light-weight and sensitive robot that is also an industrial robot with human-machine collaboration capabilities. LBR stands for "light robot", iiwa stands for "intelligent industrial work assistant", that is, intelligent industrial work assistant. This created a new era for sensitive industrial robot technology-a promising new production process. Achieve direct cooperation between humans and robots to complete tasks that require high sensitivity. Therefore, the formation of a new work area can improve economic efficiency and achieve high efficiency. There are two models of the LBR iiwa, a sensitive and lightweight robot that can cooperate with humans, with a load capacity of 7 and 14 kg.


 LBR iiwa



Fast response

The light-weight robot LBR iiwa can instantly recognize contact through the joint torque sensor and immediately reduce the force and speed. It handles sensitive workpieces through position and buffer control without any parts that can cause pinch or shear injuries.


Please select from three operating modes and simulate the LBR iiwa: Please indicate the desired position to the light robot LBR iiwa-it will record the coordinates of the trajectory points. To pause, you can easily pause and control it by touching.


As a lightweight, high-performance control device, LBR iiwa can quickly identify contours in a power-controlled manner. It senses the correct installation position, installs the workpiece extremely quickly with high precision, and the torque accuracy related to the shaft reaches ± 2% of the larger torque. Even without your help, LBR iiwa can find miniature parts immediately.


Even with complex commissioning tasks, the KUKA Sunrise Cabinet control system of the light robot LBR iiwa can be commissioned quickly and easily. You can make it a human helper and let it complete a single job that does not meet ergonomic design reliably and independently.

LBR iiwa


 LBR iiwa

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