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KR 40 PA

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KR 40 PA

KR 40 PA is a compact and light pallet stacking robot from KUKA. This industrial robot specially designed for pallet palletizing will help you achieve faster speed and higher accuracy – the choice of European standard pallet palletizing.

KR 40 PA can complete the packaging and distribution of goods within a record time. With only a small space requirement, this robot can palletize products weighing up to 40 kg and reach a net stacking height of 1.8 meters. The lower self-weight significantly shortens its cycle time.



Quick and precise

KR 40 PA has been specially improved for palletizing tasks. It operates at a rate of 56 cycles per minute, while ensuring accuracy.

save space

KR 40 PA has a slim base and a small footprint, so its interference profile is also very small. The built-in power supply saves extra space for the robot.

Very efficient

KR 40 PA has an outstanding reach of 2091 mm. The four-axis motion system allows the stacking height of pallets to reach 1.8 meters.

Constant high performance

All components of KR 40 PA are very easy to maintain and have very low wear. Your maintenance work and costs are therefore significantly reduced.



KR 40 PA


KR 40 PA

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