Industrial Internet Platform


(Figure 1) Industrial Internet architecture framework

As a new industry ecology, key infrastructure and new application model, the industrial Internet platform realizes the full connection of all elements, the entire industrial chain and the entire value chain through the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and objects, and is constantly subverting the traditional manufacturing model, production organization methods and industrial forms on a global scale, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and the rapid development and growth of emerging industries.

• To achieve a closed loop of data optimization and drive the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry, the Industrial Internet needs to have a series of key capabilities with massive industrial data and various industrial model management, industrial modeling analysis and intelligent decision-making, agile development and innovation of industrial applications, industrial resource agglomeration and optimal configuration, which is the core of the industrial Internet platform.

• According to the functional hierarchy, the industrial Internet platform includes three key functional components: the edge layer, the PaaS layer, and the application layer.

• The industrial Internet security functional framework fully considers information security, functional security and physical security, focusing on the main characteristics of industrial Internet security, including reliability, confidentiality, integrity, availability, privacy and data protection.

• Network interconnection realizes the data transmission between the elements, data exchange realizes the mutual understanding of the transmission information between the elements, and the identity resolution realizes the marking, management and positioning of the elements.

• Digital twins meet business needs through asset data collection, integration, analysis, and optimization, forming a virtual-real mapping of physical world asset objects and digital space business applications, and ultimately supporting the development and implementation of various business applications.


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